Live Streaming Media Server Linux

Live Streaming Media Server Linux

Secure Live Streaming

Stream real-time collaboration to participant’s browsers over the Internet on any devices including PC, MAC and iOS and Android mobile devices. No download of any kind.

Live Streaming Media Server Linux

Live Streaming Media Server Linux

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Empower live streaming with real-time collaboration

Traditional live streaming can only broadcast content from one physical location. The R-HUB live streaming brings content presented by multiple meeting panelists anywhere in the world and delivers real-time collaboration among these panelists to web browser attendees.

Live Streaming Media Server LinuxEnhance message effectiveness by displaying entire desktops and HD video

Unlike traditional live streaming which displays small-resolution PowerPoint slides and a single video “head”, R-HUB’s live streaming shares content being shown on the entire desktop along with HD webcam video from multiple meeting panelists. It is flexible and easy to use. It increases the message effectiveness and impact.

Live Streaming Media Server LinuxSecure live streaming for internal all-hands meetings

Almost all live streaming solutions are provided by public third-party service providers. The R-HUB live streaming server is installed on your premises. You can secure internal all-hands meetings by the ultimate protection – your organization’s firewall

Live Streaming Media Server LinuxShorter delay and better interactivity: chat and polling

Long delays are an inherent issue with live streaming technology. It makes interactivity difficult, if not impossible. Most public live streaming has 30 to 40 seconds in delay. With the R-HUB live streaming server, you can define the delay between 3 seconds and 18 seconds depending on the network conditions. Shorter delays make interactivity, chat and polling, possible and delivers a better user experience.

Host meetings with up to a million employees with little impact to your Internet connection bandwidth

Live Streaming Media Server Linux

When you host all-hands meetings with hundreds to tens of thousands of employees powered by a public live streaming service provider, your internet bandwidth will immediately become a bottleneck. Unless you wish to heavily invest in your internet connection infrastructure, you cannot host meetings this large. R-HUB’s distributed servers easily resolve this issue by allowing you to install a streaming server in each local network. The live streaming traffic gets redistributed within local networks. It eliminates the impact to the Internet bandwidth demand, and it significantly saves money on Internet connection costs and make large meetings possible.


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  • HD Videokonferenzen für alle Mitarbeiter einer Organisation
  • unbegrenzt viele Benutzerkonten
  • mehrere gleichzeitige Meetings mit Gruppen
  • Interaktive Meetings
  • Webinare, Schulungen über Webbrowser